About Adrianne

Adrianne Machina Marketing ConsultantAdrianne is the Chief Velocity Officer of Tornado Marketing, Inc. Adrianne has spent over 20 years helping small businesses systematically grow their businesses through relationship marketing (online and offline) and persuasive messaging. Adrianne provides valuable insight into how to market complex solutions that are based on a relationship sale.

Adrianne’s clients appreciate her practical  and sales-driven approach to marketing. With Adrianne on your team, you’ll:

differentiate from your competitors;

consistently draw in your best prospects;

and close more deals.

In addition to her full-service consulting site, Tornado Marketing, where she works primarily with consulting / professional service type firms, Adrianne teaches groups of small businesses how to leverage social media and use other online marketing tools.

Visit the official Tornado Marketing site for more information.

To reach Adrianne, give a call to 888-904-9343 x701 or email amachina (at) tornadomktg.com.