Good writing can be the crucial difference between campaigns that flourish, and campaigns that flounder.  I see too many small business owners who want to do it themselves, write the marketing copy on their own.  On one level, I understand.  Small business owners are smart.  They can generally read and write pretty well.  Why should they pay someone write the marketing copy for them?  They’re just words.  

JUST WORDS??? Don’t underestimate words! Words are POWERFUL. Words change lives. Words change history. The Declaration of Independence is… “just words.” Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is…”just words.” Your website is filled with “just words.”

Are your words compelling? Do you get leads from your website? Or do people’s eyes glaze over as they hunt for the nugget of wisdom and authenticity under the layers of marketing mumbo-jumbo?

If you are struggling to understand what’s wrong with your website or with your marketing materials, we’ll be your “fresh eye” making sure your marketing materials present the very best you.  Information grows stale quickly.  Logos change.  Technology advances.  And because you look at these materials every day, you might not notice.  Or maybe you notice, but can’t find the time to make the needed changes.  We’ll take a holistic look at your website, brochures, sales collateral and marketing pieces to look for gaps in your materials and messaging.

Website Audit

Many websites are still little more than an online brochure – they don’t contain enough offers or prompts to get visitors to contact the company. If someone is looking for your solution, you want to pull them in. Your website can be an effective lead generation mechanism, or credibility building source of information, or a way to reduce support costs – or all three! We’ll review your site and provide you with a written report that points out areas for improvement.

You’ll get specific guidance on:

  • Navigational Flow / Usability
  • Professionalism of “Look and Feel”
  • Top-Level Content Review
  • Lead Generation Triggers and
  • Search Engine Optimization

With our advice, you may be able to fix the found issues on your own!

Marketing Material Audit

We will provide an in- depth analysis of your current marketing materials and sales kit. We will make sure you have a focused message, a targeted audience, and persuasive messaging that will propel your prospects to the next step of the sales process. We’ll provide you with a report that clearly shows the gaps and helps you prioritize where to spend future marketing dollars.

You just need to send us:

  • Your business card
  • A company brochure (if you have one)
  • Up to 3 additional pieces of sales collateral

We’ll be your “fresh eye” making sure your marketing materials and website presents the very best you. Get a 10% Discount by doing both audits at once!

Want to skip the assessment?

Do you already know what you want?  We can help you with any of your copywriting needs, including:

  • case studies
  • brochures
  • fact sheets
  • direct mailers
  • press releases
  • emails
  • website copy

Call for a quote!  You can reach us at 608-213-0377 or tornado (at)