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ASK Proxima, Inc., is a leading subsidiary of Shenzhen ACTO Digital Video Technology Co., Ltd. a high–tech enterprise specializing in research, development and manufacturing of digital video technology. Our company distributes a full suite of high-performance projectors, ranging from short-throw and ultra short-throw to large venue and portable projectors. In the future we will be releasing new lampless projector models.  Our legacy is reflected is our history of success.

1984 (The beginning)
ASK Norway was founded as an R&D facility focusing on LCD technology for the production of LCD screens. Later the company turned its focus towards developing overhead panels for projecting images in larger formats. 

ACTO Digital Video Technology Co., Ltd. was founded as a high–tech enterprise specializing in research, development and manufacturing of digital video technology products. ACTO went on to become the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD and DLP projectors with an annual production capacity of 500,000+ units.  The company offers the latest expertise and technology utilizing the Sony BrightEra, LCD panels.

In 1991, Tandberg Data, a world leader in data storage products, assumed ownership of ASK Norway, which rejuvenated ASK by collaborating with Polaroid under the label “For Polaroid – By ASK”. The company undertook an aggressive marketing campaign, building a network of distributors in countries all over Europe and Asia.

ASK acquired its American competitor, Proxima Corporation, later changing the name to Proxima ASA. 

Proxima ASA becomes the second largest projector company in the industry.  A year afterwards, the company merged with Infocus Corporation.

2006 - 2007
ACTO acquires SMT, a manufacturing and R&D division of Infocus. ACTO renames SMT to AMT, Advanced Micro Display Technology, Co, Ltd. and announces it is the largest projection manufacture in in Shenzhen China.

2010 – Present
ACTO acquired the ASK Proxima brand from Infocus and began worldwide sales and marketing strategy. ACTO sets up another manufacturing facility in Wuhu, East China boasting projector production capacity of 600,000+ units per year. Additionally, ACTO launches it sales and marketing company in North America as ASK Proxima Inc. Located in Torrance CA, with plans to distribute its full line of LCD & DLP projectors.