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Many of your questions can be simply answered by checking our FAQs below.

Questions about purchasing ASK Proxima projectors

Q 1: Do you have demo products?
Answer: We work with our authorized dealers and re-sellers to provide them with product. 

Q 2: How can I get a product demonstration?
Answer: Contact us for a dealer nearest you. sales@askproximausa.com or visit us at an upcoming event. 

Q 3: I’m a distributor or national online re-seller and would like to sell your projectors.  Will that be possible?
Answer: We are open to your participation.  Contact sales@askproximausa.com.

Q 4: Are ASK Proxima projectors sold through distributors?
Answer: Not at this time but possibly in the future.

Q 5: What do I do if I’m an end-user but there are no authorized dealers in my area?
Answer: We will coordinate with a dealer in your area.

Q 6: How can I get ASK Proxima projectors installed if I’m an end-user?
Answer: You will need to go through an authorized dealer.  To find one, email us at sales@askproximausa.com.

Q 7: How can I become an authorized dealer or re-seller?
Answer: Contact us at sales@askproximausa.com.

Q 8: Where can I purchase ASK Proxima Projectors?
Answer: Click the  “Where to buy” button.

Q 9: Are there any special programs or promo’s that I can take advantage of?
Answer: Please refer to the promo section of this website for the latest promo.

Manufacturing and shipping questions

Q 1: Is shipping included in the price?
Answer: No, shipping is additional.

Q 2: Where do the projectors ship from?
Answer: All projectors ship from our warehouse in Torrance or Murrietta Ca.

Q 3: Where are projectors manufactured?
Answer: All our projectors are manufactured at our headquarters in China. To learn more about our company, visit our “Company History”. 

Questions about product warranty

Q 1: Who pays the shipping for warranty repairs?
Answer: Sender pays for incoming shipping, ASK Proxima pays the return freight. 

Q 2: Do you send us a replacement in advance if our projector needs warranty repair?
Answer: Yes, provided, you registered the projector for the advanced replacement at the time of original purchase.

Q 3: If we have a problem with our projector, do you make repairs or send us a new one?
Answer: If we find the problem falls within our warranty policy, we’ll either repair the product or replace it with a functional equivalent model. 

Q 4: How do I obtain warranty repairs?
Answer: Contact the Warranty Service Center, at 855-461-8484 or email techsupport@askproximausa.com  to request a Return Authorization.

Q 5: How long is the warranty for?
Answer: 3 years or 3000 hours (Lamp warranty 1 year or 1,000 hours) whichever comes first.

Q 6: Is the warranty the same for all products?
Answer: Yes as long as the projector is sold by an ASK Proxima dealer or re-seller in the United States.

Q 7: What is the warranty for projectors?
Answer: You can read and download the complete warranty policy by going to our warranty page. 

Questions about product returns, exchanges and repairs

Q 1: What if I want to return or exchange the projector?
Answer: Please contact the selling dealer.

Q 2: Who pays shipping for product returns?
Answer: The sender pays for all shipping costs

Technical questions

Q 1: How can I get assistance setting-up a projector or getting it to function properly?
Answer: Go to the "Product Page" and find the product you need the manual for.  Click the link "Download manual" and a PDF file will download.  If you are still having trouble after reading the manual, contact your local sales representative or tech support at techsupport@askproximausa.com.

Q 2: How do I get specific product specs?
Answer: Go to the "Product Page" and find the product you are interested in.  Review the specs online or download the product spec sheet.

Didnít find the answers you are looking forÖ click here to contact ASK Proxima or email us at info@askproximausa.com