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Older ASK Proxima Models

ASK Proxima understands it costs you time and money when your projector is not working properly.  Therefore, we want to help keep your projector functioning at all times, which is why we offer you 3 ways to get tech support when you need it.

Online –  Simply refer to the FAQs at the bottom of this page to receive answers to many common questions. This fast solution will enable you to return to your core activities within minimal time.

Projectors owner manuals

  • ASK PROXIMA US1000 Series User's Manual (US1275-A, US1325-A, US1275W-A & US1315W-A)
    English    Spanish
  • ASK PROXIMA E1655 User's Manual
    English    Spanish
  • ASK PROXIMA E1655U User's Manual
    English    Spanish
  • ASK PROXIMA E2000 Series User's Manual (E2465-A & E2425W-A)
    English    Spanish
  • ASK PROXIMA C3000 Series User's Manual (C3255-A, C3257-A, C3305-A, C3307-A & C3327W-A)
    English    Spanish
  • ASK PROXIMA S3000 Series User's Manual (S3277-A, S3307-S & S3307W-A)
    English    Spanish
  • ASK PROXIMA C4 Series Userís Manual (C421, C431 & C431W)
  • ASK PROXIMA C5 Series Userís Manual (C520 & C510W)
  • ASK PROXIMA E3000 Series Userís Manual (E3815-A & E3715W-A)
  • ASK PROXIMA S4 Series Userís Manual (S430 & S430W)

Over-the-phone - Contact us by calling 1-855-461-8484. 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Electronically thru e-mail - Simply submit a description of your issue(s) in the box below. We should respond within 24 business hours.

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Troubleshooting questions

Before calling your dealer or technical support for assistance, check the items below.
-Make sure you have properly connected the projector to your PC or video equipment.
- Make sure all equipment is turned on and properly powered.
- If there is not projected image when connected to the PC, try to restart the PC.

Possible Problem Possible Solution
No Power -Check  if the  “Red” power on indicator is on
-Only when the “Red” indicator is on can you power up the projector
-If the “Red” warning indicator is on, you can’t power up the projector
-Check the projection lamp
-Unlock the “keyLock” function

No initial “Logo” display -Are both the display and count-down functions enabled

Input signals are automatically switched or can’t be switched -Adjust the search function for correct input selection

When input selection is pressed during start up a non-lamp icon appears -This icon indicates that the filter needs to be replaced
The icon, non-input or lamp mode appears -Indicates a lamp replacement warning or filter replacement
Blurred image -Requires focus adjustment
-Change the projector distance from the screen
-Clean the lens
-Possible optics condensation, if projector has been moved from a very cold location to a warm location.  Wait until the projector warms up.
Image is reverse or upside down -Change the function ceiling/rear display

Image not bright -Check  contrast and brightness adjustment
-Check for correct image mode
-Check the replace lamp indicator. If illuminated the lamp should be replaced immediately
No projected image from  PC or video source -Check cable connections are correct
-Check PC for correct display setting.  Some laptops require a function setting to support and outboard monitor.
-Projector cannot display an image until after an initial 20 seconds warm up.
-Is the image blanking activated
No audio -Is the audio cables properly connected?
-Is the audio source correctly adjusted?
-Increase the volume with  + button
-Is the “Mute” activated?
-When an audio cable is inserted into the “Audio Out” connector the internal speaker is disconnected.
-The audio function is “off” if there is no image on the screen.
Abnormal Color Display -Check input connection, or defective cable
-Is the blackboard function on, “Image Select”
Automatic adjustments in PC mode ineffective -Check input source, automatic adjustments are not effective when specific resolutions are selected, such as 480p, 575p,720p, 480i, 575i, 1035i, or 1080i.
The PIN code dialog box appear at start up -A PIN code is set for locking the projector
-Enter the correct pin code
Pin code lock on startup animation, key lock and Pin code lock cannot be unlocked -Contact technical support

If you did not find a solution to your problem, contact Tech Support with the form above!