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Exceeding Industry Expectations

Concrete Waterproofing Products Inc. and Creteseal
are the recognized gold standard when it
comes to manufacturing and applying
moisture vapor control systems.

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Constantly Addressing the Toughest
Concrete Problems

With millions of square feet covered, Concrete
Waterproofing Products know just how
superior our products are to anything
on the market today.

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Why Concrete Waterproofing Products

  • Our Experience: we’ve been recognized by the industry for over 20 years
  • Our Warranty: one of the most comprehensive guarantees in the business
  • Our Products: effective, efficient, and easy to apply
  • Our Green Mentality: No VOCs, we use green technology with minimal impacts to our planet
  • Our People: professional service and straightforward customer service

A Strong Affinity for Cement & Floor Coatings

Our Concrete Waterproofing Products Inc. team lives, breathes, and sleeps moisture-mitigation solutions. Architects, builders, developers, and contractors continue to rely on us for our products, professional support, and one of the strongest warranties in the industry today.

Superior Products

Whether you’re looking for a retrofit, new application or support products, Concrete Waterproofing Products’ line of flooring and cement products are designed for:

  • Ease of Application
  • Minimal Environmental Impact
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Product Efficiency

The Strongest Warranty In the Business Today

At Concrete Waterproofing Products we stand by our moisture mitigation products for a full 15 years. If there is a flooring system failure that is the result of an issue originating from a failure of our product, we will repair and/or replace the affected area under our Full-System Warranty. We are masters at ensuring our moisture mitigation products are applied according to specification, and after 20 years of experience with concrete and floor covering systems, we have complete confidence in our products.

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