Industries Served

Creteseal: Seen In All the Right Places

Reassuring Owners, Developers, and Contractors Across a Broad Spectrum

Once installed, you and your customers will not sense or feel our moisture mitigation system at all. But underneath your floor covering system and your feet you will know the advantages and can rest assured that Concrete Waterproofing Products are hard at work keeping moisture vapor emissions at bay.

Concrete Waterproofing Products and Creteseal are routinely used for high-end commercial applications. We have covered and protected millions of square feet with our products, in all of these (and many more) industries:

    • Retail
    • Industrial
    • Hospitals & Health Care
    • Schools
    • Universities & Colleges
    • Government (including military installations)
    • Offices
    • Manufacturing
    • Hotels, Travel & Leisure

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