Quite Simply the Best Concrete Waterproofing & Sealants On the Market Today

Over 20 Years of Research & Development Insure You’re Using the Right Products for the Right Job

Our goal sounds simple enough: protect the concrete and associated materials used in construction, building and development. The reality is much more complex.

Residual and encroaching water, water vapor and other contaminates have always plagued architects, engineers, general contractors and concrete sub-contractors, sometimes threatening the integrity and safety of the structure.
Other companies’ solutions to the problem range from the outright bizarre to somewhat effective but incredibly difficult to apply properly (voiding most manufacturer’s warranties).

Our clients praise our products for our:

  • 15-year Extended Warranty
  • Easy Application
  • Cost/Benefits
  • Company Support
  • Low to Non-Existent Environmental Impact, and
  • Safety

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