Creteseal 2 Day System

Creteseal 2 Day System Penetrates & Bonds With Existing Concrete

Peace of Mind Comes From CWP’s More Than 20 Years of Construction Experience & Product Refinement

Creteseal 2 Day System is formulated to reduce water vapor transmission levels of up to 22 lbs/1,000 SF over 24 hours covering existing concrete. The low viscosity polymer is designed to penetrate and mechanically bond deep into properly prepared concrete.


Creteseal 2 Day System offers far superior performance, ease of application and quick cleanups. The product also includes:

  • Low odor
  • Extended pot life
  • Self priming
  • Quick cleanups
  • Ease of application
  • Alkali resistant to pH 14 &
  • Can be applied over damp and/or 10 day old concrete

Creteseal 2 Day System is both alkali resistant and also retards biological growth (bacteria, fungus, mold or algae). The product is ideally applied in two thin coats, providing a durable, breathable coating that resists and reduces most, if not all, water vapor. In some cases, a self-drying cement-based finish underlayment is installed over the vapor system to provide a smooth and level substrate.

For a complete description of our Creteseal 2 Day System product, please see a downloadable PDF specification sheet here (clickable to downloadable page – we don’t have the content for that yet).

A CWP certified technician is required on-site during the application of the product or previous approval (prior to the installation) from CWP’s management team. Ask your CWP product representative for more detail.

For more product details and answers to any questions you may have, we encourage you to call your CWP representative toll-free at 1-800-278-4273.