GPS Automotive Tracker

TrackingKeeping Track, Made Easy

This simple-to-use GPS tracking device plugs into your car’s existing OBDII port and allows you to keep a "virtual eye" on your vehicle.

Get customizable alerts via email or text to monitor the speed and location of your car. If your car is stolen, you can easily track its location. Our GPS vehicle tracking brings an added level of security and control to any vehicle.

Simple, Reliable Vehicle Monitoring

Check on your Vehicles from any Computer: Sign in at home, work, or even the library to check on your car.
Plug and Play Technology: Installation is as easy as plugging the device into your OBD port.
Keep Track of Company Vehicles: Know where your employees are going and see if they’re on schedule.
Remotely Turn Off your Ignition: Turn your vehicle’s engine off from any location.

LostCarLost Your Car?

With the click of a button, your car is instantly located through GPS vehicle tracking. Use it as an aide in case it’s ever stolen or if you forgot where you’re parked.

Customized Notifications Built for Your Life

This vehicle GPS tracking device can easily create notifications that allow you to keep an eye on what your loved one is doing. Get notified by email or text when their car enters an "off limits" zone or receive an alert if they speed. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on a novice teenager driver or even an elderly parent. For more information or to start today, call our security experts at (888) 800-3956.