Wireless Flood Sensor

Avoid Disaster

A bit of time makes all the difference when water damage is involved. Every second counts, so a Flood Sensor is essential to protect your home from the catastrophe of leaks and floods! The Protect America Flood Sensor will save you from arriving home to ankle-deep water. It will alert you at the first sign of trouble so you can get a head start to solving the problem and saving you money on extensive repairs.


Don’t Lose Money to Water Damage

You don’t have to come home to the disaster of burst pipes and a flooded home. Avoid spending thousands of dollars on repairs with the help of the Flood Sensor. This sensor discovers any leakage in your home and instantly alerts you of the emergency, giving you time to respond and fix the problem without major damage to your valuables.

Place the flood sensor in your basement or on the first floor of your home such as in your kitchen. Simply mount the sensor low on your wall or even on the floor to detect the first signs of water. Combine your home security system with the flood sensor to keep your home safe and secure even while you’re not there. For more information or to get started today, call us at (888) 800-3956.