Wireless Freeze Sensor

A Chill in the Air?

If you’re feeling the winter cold, you may know the danger of freezing pipes and other inconvenient gifts of the cold weather. The Protect America Freeze Sensor will protect your home from a wide range of damages caused by the winter season, giving you peace of mind.

Simply place the Protect America Freezer Sensor on a wall within your home in a room most likely to experience the cold first. This could be an entryway, basement, or laundry room. Avoid mounting the sensor near heating vents, furnaces, and other places with lots of heat and moisture.


Protect Against the Cold

Winter weather can be a serious burden on your wallet. Many damages such as bursting pipes aren’t discovered until the deed is done, so a freeze sensor will help protect your wallet as well as your home.

The Protect America Freeze Sensor works by detecting low temperature conditions that could threaten your pipes and home. As soon as the thermometer reaches approximately 41° F (5° C), the freeze detector communicates with your security panel to sound the alarm. As soon as the temperature rises to about 50° F (10° C), the detector issues a restore signal. The Freeze Sensor functions up to 900 sq. ft. and is perfect for cold climates. For more information or to order now, call (888) 800-3956.