Wireless Sensor for Doors & Windows

wireless_sensorEasy, Simple, Effective

This simple wireless device creates an impressive magnetic field that, when interrupted, sends a signal to your central control panel and triggers the alarm. We recommend placing one wireless sensor on every door or window, strengthening your home security.

Reliable, Without the Hassle

These Protect America sensors use magnetic contact to detect when a door or window has been opened. Using exclusive wireless micro sensors, the devices are discreet and nearly invisible in the home. Place one device per door and window, or consult our Protect America security experts to help determine the most strategic locations in your home.


protect_front_doorProtect Your Front Door

Typically the First Target for a Burglary

Start your home security at your front door. Almost 25% of burglaries use forced entry to the front door in order to gain access to the rest of the home. More than one third of all burglaries involve the home’s front door. Protect your home and family from disaster – equip your front door with a sensor and enjoy the peace of mind. Homes with alarm systems are 3 times less likely to be victims of burglary. Strengthen your home security with this simple solution.

Our DIY Protect America alarm systems are wireless, effortless, and affordable! Total protection is just a step away. Click here to learn about our plans, which begin at just $19.99/mo.

Cover every entry point

A small but powerful group of sensors providing the front line defense for your home


Complete Perimeter Security

Magnetic technology seals each door and window in your home, providing airtight protection.


Wireless Technology

No more wires or wall holes! Enjoy total wireless technology to protect any vulnerable area, instantly.


Affordable Pricing

We offer quality Protect America products and systems at amazing deals. Explore our various plans to see what’s right for you!


Highly Customizable

Build the security system that suits your unique lifestyle and home. Swap or add sensors for the protection that’s perfect for you.


Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy a Lifetime Equipment Warranty for all of our Protect America devices, including door and window sensors!


Simple Design

All sensors are easily programmed into your security system. For greater convenience, you can even set up your control panel to announce whenever a door/window is opened.