Garage Security

garrage_door_sensorProtect Your Garage

Extend your home security to your garage using our Protect America garage door sensors. By detecting specific movements of your door, the sensor communicates with your alarm system and alerts it when an intruder enters your garage. Once it’s armed, the garage door then opens up to a 45-degree angle and triggers the alarm, automatically calling the central monitoring station for help.

Keep Criminals Out

Many burglars choose to enter a home through the garage. Get extra protection and security by not only locking the interior door leading to your garage, but also equipping your garage door itself with a sensor. The device is easy to mount, and will protect the valuable items you store in your garage – as well as help protect what’s inside your home. For more information or to get started today, call us at (888) 800-3956.


Great Protection, Small Sensor

Extend your security to your garage and all of the valuable items that lie within.

Extra Protection

Secure your garage, a favorite point of entry for many criminals. Protect your assets and your home.

Totally Wireless

This discreet sensor uses wireless technology to communicate with your security system. No wires, just a long-lasting battery.

Secure Your Valuables

We know you store important items in the garage, such as vehicles and expensive tools. Protect them with this affordable device.