DIY Security Glass Break Sensor

glass_break_sensor_oneProtect Against Breaking Glass

Protect America’s wireless Glass Break Sensor is designed specifically using a pattern recognition technology that detects the sound of breaking glass within 15 feet. Protect windows or glass doors that are easily accessible and could be broken to gain entry into your home.

Easy to Use and Install

We recommend mounting this sensor on a wall within 15 feet of open air, near the windows or glass doors you want to monitor and protect. Place a sensor in each room of the house for total security, and enjoy the added protection of your home!


glass_break_sensor_twoProtect Multiple Windows and Doors with One Sensor

Glass entry points into your home are a tempting invitation to many criminals. There’s just a thin clear barrier between them and the valuables inside your home. Typically they’ll be in and out with your goods within 10 minutes, so breaking a little glass is a small price to pay for a quick score. Some burglars are acutely aware that opening a door or window can set off an alarm, since many sensors are simple magnetic trips.

Use the Glass Break Sensor to secure areas of your home with any glass entry points. This convenient device is programmed to detect the sound of breaking glass, and instantly alerts your security system to trigger the alarm. Protect your home and your family with this small wireless sensor.

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Reliable Glass Break Protection


Wider Security

Protect multiple windows and glass doors with a single sensor, which detects breaking glass within a 15-foot radius.



This sensor is completely wire free, operating on long-lasting batteries. Place it anywhere around the home.



Same time and money with the Glass Break Sensor, which covers a wide area and comes at a great affordable price.