Security Pin Pad

mini_pad_oneEnjoy the Benefit

The mini security pin pad may come in a small package, but the benefits are huge. Create an extra command point for your home security system, enjoy more control, and the convenience of additional security support without ever leaving the room.

This Protect America mini pin pad is an accessible device that directly communicates with your central control panel, without being plugged in to the wall. Place it in a convenient location, sit back, and relax with the peace of mind your home and family is secure.


mini_pad_twoExpand your Security System

By adding an extra point of control for our home security system, you can have increased access, control, and comfort. Arm and disarm your home with ease, without having to worry about rushing to your main control panel. Simply press two pin pad buttons simultaneously to trigger your panic alarm, and the authorities will be instantly alerted of your emergency. Call us at (888) 800-3956 for more information or to get started.

More Access, More Control

Put the Protect America mini pin pad in any room of your home for extra security

Control from Any Room

Simply place the wireless mini pin pad in a convenient, accessible room for another point of arming and disarming.

Simple and Wireless

Because of its wireless design, this pin pad is ready to go without drilling or holes. It’s highly portable and easy to move.

Multiple Codes

This mini pin pad recognizes multiple codes programmed into your main control panel.