Sensitive, Discreet, Effective

sensitive_discreetReliable Home Protection

Motion detectors can alert you of danger and prepare you for the unknown before you’re able to see or hear it. Our innovative Protect America motion detectors combine both movement and heat sensors to detect intruders as soon as your alarm system is triggered.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Not only are these motion sensing devices effective, they are also designed for simplicity and ease of use. Each detector will sense movement and heat within a 25-foot radius in a 90-degree arc, so you can place the devices confidently in almost any nook and cranny of your home.

Designed with pets in mind, these motion detectors are built to ignore animals up to 40 lbs. No worries about false alarms!



Got Pets? No Worries!

Our Protect America motion detectors are designed specifically to avoid false alarms from pets. If your animal is 40 lbs. or less, there’s little chance of the alarm triggering. Speak to our security experts today to find out more about pets and motion detectors in your home. We can help you build a plan that’s right for you and your lifestyle! Call our team at (888) 800-3956 for more information or to get started.

Easy DIY Security

Protecting your interior from the unknown.

User Friendly

This easy, DIY-installation sensor is simple to use, reliable, and cost effective. Simply mount it on your wall, no drilling or holes necessary!

Wireless Technology

No wires, no mess, no hassle. This motion detector communicates wirelessly with your security system and runs on a long-lasting battery.

Affordable Pricing

We include the motion sensor in every security plan at no extra cost! Total security is yours, no matter the solution you choose.

Pet Friendly

Designed to ignore objects that weigh less than 40 lbs., this sensor is perfect for homes with most pets.

Customer Service

We provide you with expert support available at all times to advise and guide you on any topic.

Choose Excellence

Our Protect America products and systems have been a Consumers Digest Best Buy for over 5 years!