Security Accessories

Get additional security devices to extend and customize your protection.

accessory_1Keychain Remote Control

Arm and disarm your alarm system with just the push of a button, and enjoy the convenience of controlling your system right from your driveway. This Protect America keychain also has a panic button, so you can alert the authorities of an emergency from anywhere inside your home.

accessory_2External Siren

Protect America’s External Wireless Siren provides another sounding board for your alarm. Place it anywhere inside the home, and add it to each level of your interior or even to your garage.

accessory_3Protect America Home Security Sign

Ward off criminal activity in and around your home by displaying this prominent Protect America Home Security Sign. Announce to burglars that your home is secured and protected by a home security alarm system.

Height: 2ft

accessory_4Solar Yard Sign Light

Light up your Protect America security sign with this clip-on Solar Yard Sign Light during low light and nighttime. The LED light turns on automatically at dusk, then turns off automatically at dawn. It uses solar-powered rechargeable batteries to last up to 8 hours! Easily clip the Solar Yard Sign Light onto the base of your Protect America yard sign.

accessory_5Protect America Window Stickers

Add window stickers around your home for extra protection against intruders. By combining the Protect America yard sign and window stickers, you will deter burglars and alert passersby that your home is defended by an armed security system.