Simon XT

in-the-home-simon-xtTotal Security at Your Fingertips

This incredible device is the control center for your entire home security. The Simon XT Control Panel is in constant communication with each wireless sensor and device that makes up your security system to keep you and your home safe. It includes a wide variety of features, from programmable codes to one-touch alarm arming.

Even if you move, you can take your Simon with you! Using wireless technology, this device is easily relocated, and our experts are happy to guide you with installation and re-installation.

alarmMeet Simon

Monitor and control all aspects of your security system from one convenient location: the Simon XT Control Panel. Featuring a wide selection of commands, you can do anything from programming multiple user codes to having Simon announce when a door or window has been opened, and so much more! Enjoy wireless integration with up to 40 devices for a discreet, near-invisible security system that protects your entire home. The possibilities are endless!


Easy to Install and Use

DIY setup makes installation a breeze! One of our professionals will guide you and remotely test the device at your convenience.

Convenient Home Automation

Connect and control your home like never before. Simply add home automation to your Simon XT and command locks, lights, and more.

Affordable Security

Enjoy the Simon XT packages at great, affordable prices. You’ll receive zero equipment fees and a lifetime equipment warranty upon purchase!

Highly Customizable

Add and switch equipment to suit your home and lifestyle. The Simon XT packages are completely customizable, so you can create your perfect security system.

Remote Monitoring

Get 24/7 monitoring to achieve true peace of mind. You’ll be supported by professional monitoring centers that are always prepare to help you.

Premier Wireless Technology

No more wires, no more hassle. Protect your home with an invisible network of security devices that never sleep.