Medical Panic Device

medical_panic_oneProtection You Can Rely On

Although you can’t predict emergencies, you can be prepared for them. The Protect America Medical Panic device is available in pendant or watch form, so you can always keep it at your side to assist you in times of trouble and alert the authorities for help at the press of a button.

Instant Peace of Mind

If your loved on needs extra care, this amazing technology will help give you peace of mind and guarantee that medical aid is on its way with the click of a button. The Protect America Medical Panic device is user-friendly, waterproof, and monitored by professionals 24/7.

medical_panic_twoThe Medical Safety Net You Need

We offer two Protect America panic devices to keep medical safety accessible to those who need it. Wear the pendant around your neck or keep it on your belt or in your pocket as a pager. Always count on the wrist watch to stay by your side and never worry about losing it. Both medical panic devices are waterproof and shock-resistant.

Perfect for elderly loved ones, each of our home security plans are available with medical panic alert equipment at only $19.99/mo. For more information or to get started today, call us at (888) 800-3956.