Premier Smart Phone App

pspa1Access Any Time, Any Place

The free SMART Connect app provides total control of the security system and devices in your home. With just the tap of a screen, you can remotely monitor activity and arm/disarm your system, plus access video security feeds, control your door locks, and more!

Easily Arm Your Home

Using remote access, the SMART Connect app gives you the ability to control your entire home with just the press of a button. Available for both Android and Apple devices, you can have total control of your security system, home automation, climate control, energy management, and more right from your pocket!

Use convenient security commands to arm, disarm, and monitor the status of your security alarm system right from your smartphone or tablet, in real time. Email and text notifications are also available, so you can get alerted instantly from anywhere when your alarm is triggered.

automation-fingertipsSmarter, Simpler, Better

Get greater peace of mind by monitoring the status of your home. With the SMART Connect app, you can finally focus on the important things in life, and worry less! Create a lifestyle of ease and comfort with wireless device modules, such as dimming the lights or locking the door without ever leaving the couch. Enjoy total control of your home with all the commands you need on your smartphone or tablet device. Ask us today how you can transform your home into a smarter, better living space!

App Features

  • Alarm System Control
  • Home Automation
  • Door Lock and Unlock
  • Lighting Control

And It’s Totally FREE!

Unlike most security companies, there is no extra charge to use this amazing interactive service. The SMART Connect app is free and integrates with any broadband and cellular monitoring system. For more information or to start today, call us at (888) 800-3956.