DIY Security Monitoring

in-the-home-simon-xtInstalling a DIY home security system is just the first half of securing your home. When an alarm goes off, your security system will send a signal to the Protect America monitoring station, which then contacts both you and the police. DIY Security Deals is proud to offer a variety of security monitoring solutions guaranteed to fit your lifestyle, home, and budget. Our home automation, SMART Connect, and remote smartphone app are FREE with any broadband and cellular monitoring packages. Making your house a Smart Home just got a whole lot easier and affordable!


Experience, Security, and Pricing

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The Best in Home Monitoring
We are a certified Protect America partner, using years of experience in the alarm industry to protect your home and loved ones. The Protect America monitoring station is UL Listed and follows all the industry standards. Our associates are highly trained, tested, and certified to guarantee the highest quality of service and professionalism. You can trust us to provide you the best alarm response and security equipment available.

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Fortified Security Backup
We use three different monitoring stations that run 24/7 to provide you with fortified backup and ensure your protection. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that when your alarm goes off and signals one of the facilities, there are an additional two backup facilities to ensure you will always find help when you need it most.

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Affordable Pricing

DIY Security Deals is 100% committed to providing top quality home security services and equipment at affordable prices. There are no hidden fees, and we guarantee that your monitoring rate won’t change after signing up with us. We provide simple, transparent contracts to give you the best customer experience.