Remembering Edmund K Parker

Sheri Parker Pula

Fred Brewster

My Master and Relative is the wrong use of words. Mr. Parker still lives on in our minds, in our studios, and in our teaching. We see him every day. Life without our Master is like not having the sun to see our way, or the moon to give us vision. Mr. Parker is recognized as the Father of Karate in the United States. Hawaii is the 50th state. So we as islanders are proud of this great man and the fact that Mr. Parker lives on in our everyday life. Thank you for being our mentor. And thank you for your Aloha.

Forever your student: Fred Brewster

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Jack Autry lives in Los Angeles, California. He is the father of 5 children: Jack Jr., Dan, Tammi, Anthony and Angelo. Jack received his black belt from Ed Parker. He currently holds the rank of 8th degree black belt and has been a practitioner in Kenpo for over 45 years.


  1. Calvin says:

    Very touching and informative well done website that allows Mr. Ed Parker to continue 
    the legacy that he left behind for all of us to remember and learn from.  I only wished I was
    able to meet this gentleman.   Thank you Parkers.

  2. Beautiful site. Thank you Beth, Darlene, Sheri, Yvonne, and Edmund. Your father  lives in our hearts.
    Willy Aguilar