Whiten Your Teeth
Effective and Comfortable ways to whiten teeth
As we age, our teeth collect stains from the foods and beverages we consume. The good news is that these stains respond very well to our professional whitening agents. Dr. Ferraro will recommend either a single in-office whitening treatment or custom molded whitening trays for home use.

Dental Implants
Tooth replacement therapy to replace missing teeth
Dr. Ferraro works alongside a team of implant specialists to provide his patients with dental implant supported restorations. A dental implant acts as an artificial root to support various types of dental restorations

Digital Scanner
Dr. Ferraro utilizes state-of-the-art digital impression scanners for more comfortable impressions. The digital scanner also provides a much higher level of detail and accuracy than traditional impression materials.

We Can Transform your Smile
We are happy to to be able to offer our dental clients ClearCorrect invisible braces! Correct overcrowding or Big spaces easily and esthetically with ClearCorrect. Ask us about this fantastic, and affordable service today!

Help Us Celebrate Our Move with Cleaner whiter Teeth For $425

Whitening Special includes 9500 Diamond Clean Smart Professional Sonicare toothbrush box set with extra heads, tongue scraper, charging base and smart phone application. 3 additional replacement heads, Breath Rx Whitening Toothpaste, and Custom Whitening Trays with 6 tubes of whitening Gel.
$213 savings off regular price!

Frequently Asked Questions


How long should I expect bleeding from the tooth extraction site?

It is normal to experience “weeping” of a clear fluid from the extraction site for up to a day following extraction. It is also normal to expect some minor bleeding from the socket for the first few days after extraction if the socket is disturbed such as when eating or brushing the teeth. Read full answer

Is it normal to experience hypersensitivity during or after whitening my teeth?

Tooth whitening using professionally prescribed whitening gels is a very safe and effective procedure. The most common side effect is hypersensitivity of the teeth. This hypersensitivity is only temporary and will resolve on its own within a few days. Read full answer