Initial Examination

Every new patient to the office will receive a comprehensive dental examination.  This examination includes a complete evaluation of the teeth and gums as well as a thorough oral cancer screening.  During the initial examination, measurements of the gums will be taken in order to obtain a record of your periodontal health.  This is a very important step as gum measurements are the most accurate way to diagnose periodontal disease.  All findings are charted for future reference.

Digital X-Rays

X-Rays are important in maintaining a healthy mouth and smile.  Traditional X-Rays have been used to diagnose cavities and other forms of dental disease for decades.  We can now obtain digital X-Ray images quickly without the need for time-consuming developing.  For the patient, this innovation translates to less time waiting in the chair.


Our highly trained and experienced hygiene staff has been helping our patients maintain healthy teeth and gums for the last 25 years.  Our hygienists pride themselves upon performing thorough treatment in a comfortable and friendly environment.  No two patients are alike and our team is ready to individualize the care given to each of our patients.

The dental cleaning, also known as dental prophylaxis, is an integral treatment in maintaining a healthy mouth and smile.  During a dental cleaning, our hygienists will remove all plaque buildups, provide fluoride treatment if indicated, and polish the teeth for a whiter smile.  Once a year, we will take measurements of your gums in order to ensure your continued oral health.

Periodontal Therapy for Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, remains one of the most widespread and undiagnosed diseases in our country.  Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss.  When plaque builds up around the teeth and gums, the bacteria in plaque release toxins which irritate the surrounding gum tissue.  This causes the gum tissue to pull away from the tooth structure, forming “pockets” in the gums or areas where it appears the gums have “receded” away from the tooth.  This disease is not limited to the gums as it can also affect the jaw bone in which the teeth are anchored.  As gum disease advances, teeth can become loose, painful, and even appear longer.  It was incorrectly believed for many years that this disease was a part of getting old, however, now we know that gum disease is readily preventable and very treatable.  If necessary, our hygienists can provide the appropriate therapy to treat mild and moderate forms of gum disease.  In some advanced cases, Dr. Ferraro will recommend treatment in coordination with a gum specialist called a periodontist in order to ensure the highest level of care.

Root Canals

When a tooth has a large cavity or has suffered physical trauma the internal nerve tissue can become diseased.  In these cases, root canal therapy may become necessary to prevent infection or tooth loss.  Dr. Ferraro uses the latest technology to perform root canal therapy in a comfortable and thorough manner.

White Fillings

White Fillings have become the most popular and desirable treatment for restoring teeth with decay.  Dr. Ferraro’s patients are always surprised when they see how natural white fillings can look.  White fillings have the added bonus of being adhesively bonded to the tooth, allowing them to be exceptionally well sealed and resistant to future decay.  These fillings are placed in a single appointment and are cured to 100% strength by the time the patient leaves the office.

Cosmetic White Bondings

When the front teeth become worn or have broken areas of enamel, a tooth-colored bonding is a very conservative treatment to repair the tooth back to its original shape and contour.   Bondings are long-lasting and can be completed in a single visit.

Porcelain Veneers and Crownscrown

Porcelain veneers and crowns are a great option for treating teeth with cavities and fractures while providing optimal cosmetic results.  Porcelain veneers and crowns can also be used to correct misaligned and misshapen teeth.   Dr. Ferraro utilizes a team of highly skilled and experienced certified dental technicians to create beautiful, natural-looking porcelain crowns and veneers.

Dental Implants

Dr. Ferraro works alongside a team of implant specialists to provide his patients with dental implant supported restorations.  A dental implant acts as an artificial root to support various types of dental restorations including:

  • Single crowns
  • Bridges
  • Partial dentures
  • Complete dentures

Dental Implant ModelAfter a tooth is lost, the body begins to resorb, or dissolve, the bone at and around the extraction site.  This resorption continues as one ages and can affect the shape of the jaws and, thus, the support of the facial tissues.  When an implant is placed and restored, studies have shown that bone levels stay relatively stable over many years and facial tissues remain appropriately supported.

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Teeth Whitening

As we age, our teeth collect stains from the foods and beverages we consume. The good news is that these stains respond very well to our professional whitening agents.  Depending on the degree of staining, Dr. Ferraro will recommend either a single in-office whitening treatment or custom molded whitening trays for home use.

Clear Braces

clear-braces-new-1Clear braces such as Clear Correct, allow for correction of mild to moderate crowding and spacing of teeth.  The clear aligners are nearly invisible and quite comfortable.  Dr. Ferraro has been providing clear aligner therapy to his patients since 2007 with fantastic results.  If you are interested in seeing if clear braces are appropriate to meet your crowding and spacing concerns, please feel free to schedule a complimentary screening with Dr. Ferraro.

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Complete and Partial Dentures

When one or more teeth have been lost, partial dentures are an affordable and effective way to replace them.  Options include: the traditional pink acrylic and metal partial denture, which offers great function; and the soft, all acrylic type of partial denture, which offers exceptional comfort and cosmetics.

For patients that have lost all of their teeth, complete dentures are an affordable treatment option that can restore chewing function, speech, cosmetics, as well as lip and cheek support.  If you are a current denture wearer, Dr. Ferraro can discuss with you how the placement of as few as two dental implants can drastically improve the fit and function of your current denture(s).

Sports Dentistry

Sports and athletics are important to maintaining a healthy mind and body.  Unfortunately, sports-related injuries to the jaws and teeth are quite common.  Various types of custom-fabricated mouth guards are available to patients today, and Dr. Ferraro can discuss with you the benefits of each and what the appropriate level of protection is for your particular activity.

Dental Night Guards and TMJ Splints

Bruxism is the clinical term used to define the unintentional clenching and grinding of teeth.  It is believed that one in five people have some form of bruxism.  The most common signs of bruxism are abnormal wear patterns and fracturing of the edges of the teeth.  Other symptoms include headaches, jaw pain, and tooth pain.  Because bruxism usually occurs at night while we are asleep, patients are not usually aware that they even have the condition.  It is believed that stress is a major causative factor.  The most effective treatment for bruxism is the dental night guard.  The night guard is a small appliance, similar in shape to a clear retainer, that acts to eliminate abnormal wear on the teeth and inhibit the clenching reflex.  Because bruxism can eventually lead to Tempro Mandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction and generalized shortening of the teeth, it is recommended that a night guard be prescribed at the first signs of bruxism.  Nightguards are custom fabricated for each patient so that comfort, effectiveness, and durability are maximized.  TMJ splints are similar to nightguards but are used to treat dysfunction of the TMJ and/or the associated muscles and ligaments.


When a tooth has become infected, decayed, or fractured, the best treatment for the patient may be to have it removed.  Dr. Ferraro will take time to discuss post operative care for the healing extraction site as well as what to expect during and after treatment.  Through the administration of a local anesthetic and nitrous oxide, the vast majority of patients find extractions to be quite comfortable.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a serious condition that can have disastrous consequences if it’s not diagnosed in early stages.  Certain risk factors such as age, consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes, and chewing tobacco can increase one’s risk for developing oral cancer.  Because the delayed diagnosis of oral cancer lesions is a major reason for why they are so deadly, early diagnosis is imperative. We recommend annual cancer exams for low-risk patients and bi-annual examination for patients with risk factors.  An oral cancer screening is a very safe and comfortable procedure.  If a suspicious lesion is detected during an examination, a simple biopsy can be done to determine if it is cancerous.  Dr. Ferraro utilizes traditional biopsy techniques as well as a brush biopsy technique to aid in the early diagnosis of potentially cancerous lesions.

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