Landscape Lighting

Waterfront Lighting

Have you ever been out for a drive or an evening walk and noticed a beautiful home that you can’t help but admire? The one thing they most certainly have in common is a properly designed and installed landscape lighting system.

Why would you add value to your home with landscaping, and not be able to enjoy its beauty at night as well?  This is just one reason to install a landscape lighting system.  Not only can you highlight the trees, flowers, and shrubs around the home, but you can highlight the architecture and charm of the home itself.  Create the perfect ambiance for outdoor entertaining with mood lighting around your pool or fountain, your deck, or your patio area.

Aesthetics are not the only reason to install a landscape lighting system… How about enhancing security and safety?  Statistics show that unlit homes are 3 times more likely to be burglarized than a home that is properly lit.  Although lighting can’t prevent crime, it will certainly make a criminal think twice about which house to approach, and more often than not steer him away from your well lit home.  Do you have steps leading to your front door or connecting your driveway to your walkway?  Lighting can prevent unnecessary accidents from tripping hazards by properly lighting a pathway and highlighting steps so that your family and guests can move safely throughout your property.

A properly designed landscape lighting system is usually not a “do it yourself” project.  There are many variables to consider like type of light, wattage, location, and placement just to name a few.  You may have seen a home with deep shadows creating a ghostly feel, or poor contrast creating poor color replication for the home.  First Priority Audio has the experience and training necessary to make these design decision for you and create the best landscape lighting system for your home.

We have tried and tested several landscape lighting solutions, and we know the critical details that make a solid product, like those from Coastal Source.  First thing to consider is whether to choose a line voltage or a low voltage system.  Line voltage products require electrical wire that is rated for in-ground use or have a professional install proper conduit and wiring for your environment.  This can get costly in terms of labor, not to mention the lighting fixtures themselves tend to cost more than their low voltage counterparts.  Low voltage systems tend to be easier to install because the risk of handling the wiring is much less than a line voltage system.  The wiring and connectors themselves are critical in a landscape lighting system as well.  You want to purchase a product that is well insulated and water/air tight so that it can withstand the elements, especially in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami where humidity and water are a given.

Getting ready for install
Getting ready for install

Next you want to consider the range of fixtures available with the system and make sure that there is enough variability to cover all the needs of your project, including type of light, size of fixture, and finishes to match your décor.  Finally you want to consider the product warranty.  Since your landscape lighting system will be in direct contact with the elements and affected by your landscapers and gardeners, you want to have a warranty that keeps your investment safe.

Call First Priority Audio today at 954-650-3074 to have us design and install your landscape lighting system.  Did I mention the products we have chosen to work with come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY? Live near the water and are worried about saltwater damage? No need to worry… Our warranty covers that.  Has your gardener ever broken a landscape light with their lawnmower?  No problem… our warranty covers that too.  We look forward to hearing from you.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is quickly becoming a buzz word in marketing foTimersr technology products. Everything from thermostats, to lights, to alarm systems, and even appliances are now being controlled via our smartphones or our computers. You’ve probably even seen major alarm and cable service providers pushing home automation systems lately. Can you turn on a light in your home while you’re at the office? Sure. How about setting your alarm from the airport when you realize you left the house in a rush and never turned it on? Of course. But a properly designed system can do so much more…

So what is home automation?

It is the integration of all the systems in your home into one smart design that works for you instead of giving you more things to do or worry about. Instead of being able to turn your lights on and off while you’re away from home, how about a lighting system that knows when you are home, because it can communicate with your alarm system and knows when it is armed in away mode for instance? A smart home would also know what time of day it is and even be able to measure how much natural light is in a room, allowing it to dim and adjust lighting in a room based on all these factors without you having to touch a single button or open an app.
You may have seen some smart locks being sold in stores. Can you imagine your home knowing who has arrived, and based on the time of day you’ve arrived, setting the lighting mood you prefer, turning your audio system or TV on to your favorite station and arming your alarm in the “stay” mode for you automatically? This is true home automation.

jetsonsYou may be conjuring up images of the Jetsons and Rosie, their robot maid, cleaning up and cooking for the family, and thinking this is just a cartoon. Technology has finally caught up to our imagination and allowed some of these things to become reality… Although we’re still waiting for our flying cars.

With so many systems already installed and operating within our homes such as, lighting, HVAC, Audio, Video, Security, etc… doesn’t it make sense to get the most out of what you already have for your home automation? We actually want the left hand to know what the right hand is doing in this case. We can leverage so much information from one system in your home to make other systems feel like they know exactly what you want them to do without you having to tell them. With so much technology at our disposal, it shouldn’t feel like we have more things to do or check up on, but that’s exactly what it seems to be doing.

A well planned home automation system can make your life easier and less clumsy to get the most out of the investments you’ve already made. Call First Priority Audio at (954) 650-3074 today to let us get the most out of technology for you, your family and your business.