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Proxima features a wide variety of economical portable presentation projectors, ideal for “On-the-go” business presentations and school classrooms.
Portable Projector Models feature:

  • Very Bright light output with 5,500 lumens XGA and 5,000 lumens WXGA. You can make a Presentation with the lights on and drapes open.
  • With a 5000:1 contrast ratio, you’re ensured of rich picture layering details and clear, crisp images for even the most demanding viewers.
  • Horizontal and vertical digital keystone correction fixes image distortion created when a projector’s lens is not perpendicular to the screen. Corner keystone correction allows the adjustment of all four angles of the image. These are ideal tools for when the projection environment is less than ideal.
  • Automatic or Manual Keystone correction makes sure that the projected image is ideal, despite projector placement. Automatic image reversal can be done without a menu setting when installed from the ceiling.
  • The edge-blending feature provides a seamless wide-screen presentation with multiple side-by-side projectors. Images can be perfectly matched for brightness and color correction.
  • Super bright at 5000 and 5500 Lumens, the C5 Series is a great projector solution for meeting rooms, conference rooms and other small to large type environments.
  • Each projector is furnished with a low-maintenance, replaceable dust filter that effectively reduces smoke and dust from entering the projector. The cooling system is optimized for powerful heat dispersion, even at high altitudes.
  • Compared to standard 1.2x lenses, The C5 projectors feature a 1.65x zoom lens that meets various installation requirements.
  • With a wired connection via RJ45, control or monitor all projectors through corresponding IP. Turn the projectors on/off, check configurations,view lamp times and operational status through the network.


C4 Series

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C5 Series

Super Bright, Highly Capable Feature-Rich
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