Sauna Types

Many people imagine a sauna to be a simple room filled with heat and/or steam. But what you may not realize is how many options you have available. As experts in different types of technology and cultural variations, Saunaworkz can build you a sauna more exciting than you thought possible!

At the heart of the sauna is the heat source. Today, the traditional Sauna has a “rock” heater. There are several options of heating the rocks. The most common type of heater is electric, but there are also gas-fired and wood-burning options. We recommend the electric heater, as gas and wood heaters are subject to local building codes. It can be placed either in the floor or enclosed in stainless steel, and the sauna rocks are placed around the electric elements.

The heated rocks then radiate soothing warmth throughout the room. Most sauna bathers pour water over the rocks to provide instant steam and to increase relative humidity. A bucket and ladle are customary accessories in saunas.

Another form of heating a sauna is infrared heating. This option is different from the traditional room because infrared panels are installed along the walls of the sauna room and under the top of the seating bench. The infrared panels provide a soft, radiant heat source. All of the materials and options available to traditional saunas are available if you choose the infrared heat source. This type of heater isn’t new, but it has become increasingly popular over the last ten years.

INFRASAUNA, a combination of the traditional and infrared heaters is also available. Users of this hybrid system enjoy the benefits of the traditional and infrared options in one room.

With Infrared panels alone, there is no steam because you don’t attain high enough temperatures for water to evaporate. In a traditionally heated sauna, air will be hot everywhere. Infrared heat is a wavelength. The body will be warm, but the air will be hot. Our Infrared manufacturer uses high-end infrared technology that is safe and fully UL approved for custom installations.

In addition to varied heat sources, saunas have a rich history and diverse history in many countries throughout the world. Many cultures have, and still do, use steam rooms for a variety of purposes including healing, improved health, and relaxation.

Many Saunaworkz customers request rooms similar to Korean Jjimjibangs, Chinese Saunas, and Russian Banyas. The Korean Jjimjibangs are rooms with floors heated by steam, and they’re commonly found in public bathhouses. Many Koreans favor spending the night sleeping on the toasty floor. Russian Banyas are similar to traditional saunas, but are hotter, with higher humidity. We can also incorporate elements of a sauna type called salt rooms. Salt, rather than wood, is used to build walls, and pebbles cover the ground. Burlap sacks are placed on the floor for users to rest on. Saunaworkz can build a hybrid of these variations with wood, one salt wall, and a bench with one area of rocks that blankets can be placed over.

At Saunaworkz we know that you want to feel comfortable with the company you’re working with. And, with so many options available, our experts are here to help, so that you can create the sauna of your dreams.

Saunaworkz is a one-stop, full-service operation. We not only sell the parts, we do the site inspection, we provide material samples, we provide you with a full quote, we do all the installation, and we do maintenance and repairs. Whether you’re goal is a relaxation experience, cultural experience, or something in between – our aim is to provide you a building experience as peaceful as your sauna experience will be.