Importance of Quality Materials

When designing and building a sauna, stream or wine room, the use high-quality materials is of the utmost importance. With over 25 years’ experience, Saunaworkz only uses materials that are safe, functional, beautiful, durable, and of the highest quality.

Not all woods are appropriate for the high heat and humidity found in saunas—beauty is only one consideration of many. You will need a soft wood to withstand and absorb the heat, expand and contract, and handle the moisture without decay or splintering. Of the woods accessible in our area, western (incense) cedar and western red cedar are our most commonly used woods due to their attractiveness and suitability.

Many choices exist for flooring options. You may choose a floor made of granite, limestone, or ceramic tile, of which ceramic tile is the most common and most affordable. The floor surface must be non-porous so that the moisture and perspiration won’t be absorbed and can be cleaned up easily. Because sauna floors can reach temperatures around 100°F, Saunaworkz constructs wooden duckboards to create a floating floor for safe walking and easy cleanup.

You may even decide to incorporate windows into the design of the walls. Saunaworkz uses vacuum-sealed, double-paned, tempered glass in order to keep heat from escaping. We also have options for one-way glass, allowing bathers to enjoy surrounding views privately.

When it comes to building the heater, safety is the most important concern. Ordinary stones can contain moisture, which can explode if heated. Saunaworkz only uses specialized igneous rocks which contain no moisture.

We stand behind our craftsmanship and our safety record as we take the care to plan and build your lifestyle room with quality materials. You can trust Saunaworkz to build a sauna, steam, or wine room that is not only practical and safe, but integrates with the beauty of your home and style.