Sauna Health Benefits

At Saunaworkz, we understand the many health benefits of saunas. By installing your own sauna, you are able to enjoy these health benefits in your own home, at your convenience and with complete privacy. Consult with your doctors or health practitioner if you have medical concerns.

Saunas have existed for thousands of years, and in today’s environment of polluted air, processed foods, and hidden chemical toxins, it can be more important than ever to detoxify your body through deep sweating. The heat and steam are said to open up pores and detoxify as you sweat. This process begins as your body responds to the heat: your blood vessels dilate, your blood flow accelerates, and your sweat glands produce sweat at a higher rate. This sweat can contain metals and toxins, such as lead, copper, nickel, and chromium, among many other substances that can be eliminated through the process.

Saunas can renew and freshen the complexion. Sweating helps to clear the pores and deeply clean the skin of dirt, oil, and bacteria. If certain nutrients are in sweat they may also benefit your skin’s tone and texture by maintaining collagen production and increasing moisture levels to plump the skin.

Studies have shown saunas to have an amazing range of health benefits across all levels of fitness. For athletes, saunas’ use can improve blood pressure, increase plasma and red blood cell volume, produce better heat and exercise tolerance, and increase oxygen absorption, leading to better performance. But anyone can take advantage of the sauna’s cardiovascular benefits. During a sauna session, blood vessels dilate and the average person’s heart rate may increase around 50 beats per minute, similar to the increase experienced during exercise. This increased activity by the heart may help to strengthen it and burn calories. Even those suffering from high blood pressure, hypertension, congestive heart failure, and vascular disease may find relief. (Important: talk to your doctor to determine if sauna use is right for you and your particular condition.)

A sauna, customized to fit your home, can help you enjoy these benefits with friends and family. For millennia, saunas have played an integral part in many different cultures around the world. The sauna allows all of you to step into a quiet, relaxing atmosphere conducive to conversation and community.

People who use saunas regularly are less likely to catch the common cold and flu, and saunas help relieve congestion and other common cold symptoms. Saunas may also provide benefits for those suffering from depression, arthritis, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. The relaxing heat of saunas will also help those who have a minor tension or pain in their muscles and joints.

With 100 million Americans suffering from a sleep disorder or deficit, saunas can help promote a healthy sleep schedule by raising the body’s temperature before bedtime. Once core temperature decreases and returns to normal, the body can react by initiating sleepiness.

Simply stepping away from a hectic lifestyle and into your own warm, quiet sauna will help remove stress and relax. This is the result of very real chemical processes that decrease adrenalin, increase endorphins, and prevent oxidative stress; many have even described the sauna experience as spiritual.

However you describe it, there are many health benefits to taking the time to rest and relax. In the convenience of your own home, you will join the many that leave their sauna sessions feeling renewed and refreshed.