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Our Story


In the last 4 years at Swampdog, we’ve introduced thousands and thousands of people to amazing tasting fish they had never tasted before, in a concerted effort to raise awareness of sustainable fishing.

We believe in good for you; good for me; good for the sea.

Fishermen know that in culinary terms there’s fish beyond snapper, salmon and barra. They also know their own local fish are as good as any. They’ve all got their merits, which can be realized and enhanced by the application of appropriate cooking techniques.

We promise to keep striving and pushing ourselves to provide delicious seafood at an affordable price. So let us change the way you eat fish and chips.

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Swampdog Specials

Specials can only be Ordered through our Online Ordering

Swampdog Specials

Specials can only be Ordered through our Online Ordering



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186 Vulture St South Brisbane


Metered Parking 1

Metered parking on Tribune St.”

Business Car Park 1

Parking in the Business Car Parks is only available on weekends and after 5pm weekdays

Church Entrance

is the Entrance to the carpark at St. Andrew’s church. Donations can be made at the church office, during office hours, otherwise at Swampdog.”

City Cycle Station


South Bank is uniquely Queensland; from its sub-tropical climate to its flourishing and vibrant landscape, the space celebrates outdoor living at its best. One of the best ways to see the precinct’s natural beauty is by taking a stroll or going cycling.


Walking tracks

  • Clem Jones Promenade
  • Rainforest Walk
  • The Arbour
  • The Goodwill Bridge
  • The Victoria Bridge

cycling tracks

  • Clem Jones Promenade
  • The Goodwill Bridge
  • The Victoria Bridge

City Cycling

Register at the CityCyle website.


South Bank, Maritime Museum, Grey Street.


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May I introduce myself…

Greetings all,

It’s not easy to hear that the owner, who has built one of the best (if not THE best) fish and chip shops around, has left the building. Surely the baton has been passed, but fans of Richard may be skeptical. I’d be too.

My name is Henry Simpson, I’m the new owner and I want to assure everyone that you are in good hands.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read Richard’s touching farewell post. It was already obvious through the quality of the food and the genuine service provided by all at Swampdog that it was managed with an amazing amount of heart and dedication to sustainability. It was their commitments to better eating and supporting the local community that led me here.

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Debbie J.

Drove 6 hours for the best fish n chips in town, was definitely worth the trip, great food and service, compliments to the chef.

Terry V.

Yum! What makes a fish and chips shop stand out you ask!? Fresh fish that isn't greasy or oily mon! Then, super tasty chips that are fresh, crunchy, and have nice seasoning seal the deal.

Bennett J.

Nice flavor and plenty of chips to support the fillet. nice tiny spot to enjoy your meal either inside or outside

Chris H.

The food and prices are really good as is the service.

Lani P.

The guys behind Swampdog take this business seriously and have made a 100% commitment.

Mr W arrior.

Swamdog Fish & Chips gets 5 stars for their $15 Hungry Tummy Buster Quality Fish & Cips at a reasonable price. I know I'll be going back!.

Jayden Hoole.

Very fresh food. Recommend to any seafood lovers.

Jordon Hennell.

I consider myself a fish and chips aficionado, having grown up in one of QLD's biggest seafood towns on the Sunshine Coast. This is the tastiest fish and chips I have ever had!! It's even better that they use all locally sustainable seafood. I would recommend the 'Tempura Whiting and Ginger Prawn Mousse'..