Integrate Technology – Before the Home is Designed, Built & Decorated

Perfectly Designed Homes Include Electronic Solutions

This is the ideal time to expand your services beyond traditional designs. Now you can present clients with desirable technology solutions designed to meet their personal needs. Further delight them by ensuring that their system can be easily expanded upon in the future.

Westchester Audio Video Design Group will work closely with you and your clients to design and integrate a complete whole-house entertainment & control system. Imagine these exciting custom electronic solutions available to your customers:

  • Home Automation & Control
  • Whole House Music & Video
  • Lighting & Shade Control
  • Home Theaters & Media Rooms
  • Telephone Systems
  • Computer Networking
  • Climate Control
  • Energy Management
  • Surveillance & Security
As your value-added technology integration provider, our goals are the same as yours:

  • Make Clients Happy
  • Get Referrals
  • Increase Profits
  • Finish on Time

Timing is a Critical Component of Your Designs

It is important to introduce electronic designs at the appropriate time. By discussing flat panel TV placement or home networking capabilities, you can be assured that the wires and outlets will be properly placed throughout the entire house and yard.

Westchester Audio Video Design Group designs and integrates entertainment, networking, and control systems, which greatly enhances the desirability of a home. Your clients will be able to easily adjust the environment of their home by controlling the lights, managing the temperature, and selecting their favorite music throughout the house. They can also manage which video sources they want to watch in any room and find daily convenience in utilizing a whole-house control system.

Integrating architectural plans and interior designs is easy when done at the start. We will help you each step of the way, from creation of the blueprints to placement of the LCDs. Our objective is to make sure the entire process is easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Count on Us as Your Perfect Partner

The first step of bringing state-of-the-art technology to your clients is to partner with Westchester Audio Video Design Group. We are true professionals who have unique experience working with buildings, architects, interior designers, and other contractors involved with your home.

Westchester Audio Video Design Group will assist you by conducting pre-design meetings between you and your clients so that the right questions are asked and answered. We will also supply you with marketing packages that you can give to your clients. These packages include elegantly designed literature, which clearly explains the integration process and the options available.

For more information or to start with us today, call us at (914) 921-0099.