From Reactive to Proactive
Presenting the “Virtual” Service Call

Westchester Audio Video Design Group is proud to offer an incredible new world of customer service with capabilities beyond anything else available just a short time before. It’s an extremely powerful approach to remotely managing our clients’ network “health”. Its award winning, secure cloud-based management solution allows increased capabilities to instantly detect, diagnose and resolve network issues.

Managed Home Services Eliminates Service Calls

Now, for the 1st time, proper management of critical system parts of your Home Electronics Systems can be provided & remotely monitored 24/7! That means that instant notifications are generated when a network product malfunctions. In most cases, we will know of the problem before the client, & fixing the issue without the client’s involvement. From network routers & access points to cable boxes & control systems, products whose issue arises from a product lock-up can be re-booted remotely.

How does it work? Through a dedicated home appliance, we are able to monitor the performance of products that are connected to a home network. Electronics products are plugged into an internet enabled power conditioner which communicates with the appliance via the network. The appliance can sense issues & send instant alerts. The affected electronics product is then re-booted. This resolves the issue in almost 90% of the cases. If not, it alerts us to schedule a service call.

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