Computer Networks

The Computer Network is the most important system in your home, now considered the “electronics backbone”. Today, the importance of a well-designed, robust computer network cannot be overstated. A strong network is critical to enjoy today’s technologies. From sharing computers & printers to streaming content from the web, network performance & reliability is paramount. As time goes on, the network will become more important as the internet becomes an even more integral part of our lives.

Networks consists of a Modem, Router as well as wired Access Points that are connected to provide Wi-Fi. Depending upon how many devices are connected to the network, additional accessories are added to complement the system. Internet service providers offer fast speeds to the home, but do not support performance inside the home. They supply the signal into the home, but the equipment used is designed for very small networks. Few devices can work effectively without some “expansion”. That is where we come in.

In addition to ensuring network performance “as the service provider advertised”, we also expand the WiFi to support homes larger than 1000 sq. ft. We support all of the current 802.11 wireless protocols, including A,B,G,N & the new emerging AC standard.

Westchester Audio Video Design Group is proud to have the most extensive Networking products in the area, being dealers of Pakedge, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco, Araknis, Access Networks, Apple, Luxul & others.


This Graph Comes from the Wall Street Journal & Illustrates the Typical Home Network.

Anatomy of a Strong Home Network

  1. Fast Service Package from Provider
  2. Separate Gigabit Network Router
  3. Reliable Managed Gigabit Switch
  4. Dual band Wireless Access Points
  5. Proper System Programming

Today’s Networks Do Not Work Well with Just the Service Providers Equipment

Today’s Networks Need Quality Products for Increased Reliability & Performance

Even though the service providers have advanced internet packages, that’s where the performance stops. They significantly reduce the speed by using poor equipment. Many customers experience as much as 50% less speed than advertised. In addition, the products offered are mediocre at best. Off the shelf wireless routers cannot support the demand of today’s usage & often even need to be re-booted. That speed is slowed even further when different devices fight for the network. By the time the network picks up your devices, 10-20% of the speed may be all you’ll get.

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