Enjoy a host of personal features that allow for tremendous flexibility & convenience throughout the house. Our home phone systems offer room-to-room intercom and paging capabilities, ensuring every room in your house is only a call away. With one-touch speed dial — which can be tailored to individual phones or shared across all the phones in your house — all your contacts are at your fingertips, no matter where you are. In all our home phone systems, the voicemail program allows you to access messages from anywhere, and even integrate with your e-mail.

And with optional Caller ID, you’ll always know who’s on the other line — even when you’re already on the telephone. If you do miss a call, don’t sweat it; unanswered calls can be recalled by accessing the personal or system-wide Caller ID log.

Our home phone systems can also offer security when paired with a video door intercom and a range of IP Network Cameras. Keep tabs on your baby or young children with a built-in audio baby monitor. You can also screen your front door and let people in without lifting a finger, unlocking your gate from your telephone.

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