Meet Sharon Simpson, a highly sought-after Communication and Life Coach of corporate leaders, performing artists, tai-tais, and even New Age gurus.

Born in Asia (Singapore) and trained in Europe and the USA, including at the Royal College of Music in London, and under masters from the Music/Arts faculty of Cambridge University, Sharon brings the best elements of the East and West to her training. While in Asia, Sharon held a successful professional singing career. Later, she focused on helping Asians discover how to tap into their “authentic inner voice” through communication and life skills and develop a commanding presence to act as better presenters and leaders. She fell in love with this work and realized the tremendous benefits it created in her clients’ lives.

Now a resident of the United States, Sharon has narrowed her focus to training communication skills for anyone struggling to connect deeply and meaningfully with those most important to them in their lives. Many divorcees in bitter conversation with their ex-spouses or unable to connect with their children, adult children struggling with their aging parents, or corporate leaders challenged by getting their team on board – Sharon brings help by showing instant clarity to the situation.

At Your Fab Factor, Sharon uses powerful life coaching methods and her contagious positive (yet grounded) attitude to guide you through the process of unraveling the ball of yarn known as Life. Together, you will identify and address the inner blocks preventing you from achieving the relationships you want to have with others.

Sharon conducts one-on-one coaching that takes them on an adventure of rediscovery, re-invention, self-awareness, and personal relationship skills so they can improve and deepen their relationships, become more persuasive, be of more impact, have more fun and be better (and happier) leaders, parents, children, friends and lovers. Release Your Fab Factor today!

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