Q: How long would it take before I see an improvement?

A: Each and every case is unique. When we deal with working through emotions and feelings in order to communicate better, it will take time. As an average, an individual needs to be coached for a minimum of 3 to 6 months.

Q: Are sessions are strictly confidential?

A: Absolutely, before your first session, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Q: Can you coach me to communicate better with my staff?

A: Absolutely YES. You will learn HOW to communicate and be able to ‘read’ how your team communicates with you, as well as amongst themselves. Hence, you will be able to appropriately and more efficiently communicate with your team members on all levels, irrespective of issue. This is an essential skill all leaders should have, in order to lead well.

Q: Can you help me know myself better to communicate better?

A: Absolutely, it is only when we understand our ‘blocks’, acknowledge them and GO THROUGH them (as opposed to around them), ALL communications with ourselves, and towards others improve. Together we will identify WHY you choose to say what you say instead of focusing on WHAT you are saying.

Q: Can I learn how to communicate with my ex-spouse better so we can co-parent better?

A: Yes. When dealing with ex-spouses, there is painful emotional history, hence, communicating with one another (during the process of divorce or even after the divorce) is a skill that has to be learnt for the sake of the children involved. Together, you will learn how to identify emotional and reactionary responses versus responses that are more productive for all parties involved.

Q: Do I have to be living in the same area? Or can this coaching be online?

A: No need for us to meet physically, Skype is the communication mode I use for all clients worldwide.

Q: Is there a minimum age for receiving your coaching?

A: I do not coach below the age of 18 years old.