Data Quality Management

Knowing the true state of your organization’s operations – including your risks and opportunities – is the only way to make decisions that are supported by trusted data.  From supply chain to sales, Zendeux’s data driven solutions align data quality objectives to your business intent.

Zendeux understands that decisions drive your business, which is driven by the integrity of your data. Within your data systems are hidden opportunities to increase revenues, reduce costs, facilitate collaboration, and streamline operations.  Like all of our engagements, our Data Quality Management consulting services begin with an Industry Data Management Audit (IDMA), which benchmarks your data management practices compared to practices in your industry. Our data quality experts are experienced in the strategies that enable trust in your data and decisions, and are skilled in the tools of the Zendeux Data Management Framework, including:

  • Data Lineage
  • Data Quality Requirements
  • Data Quality Governance
  • Data Quality Mitigation
  • Data Quality Measurement

Zendeux Approach

Our collaborative approach starts with your business needs.  In our engagement with you, we focus on:

Relevancy – Our Industry Data Management Audit, which addresses 200 areas in six domains of Data Management, identifies which areas are the most important to address your Data Governance needs.

Expertise  –  We provide you with expertise that we hand select from the Zendeux Alliance, a network of experts in data management disciplines.  We leverage the depth of the Zendeux Alliance to ensure you have experts and resources to match your process, technology, and industry needs.

Trust  –  The Zendeux Framework helps ensure that essential areas of data management are addressed before the project starts. Within the project, we embed experts to ensure that needs are captured correctly and aligned with implementation.

Zendeux Solutions