Industry Data Management Audit

The Industry Data Management Audit (IDMA) from Zendeux is a quick way to assess data and gain awareness of unknown data issues –  with a complete action plan for minimizing waste, reducing data operation costs, and reducing risks.

The IDMA serves as comprehensive diagnostics for indication of data management strengths and vulnerabilities in an organization, and benchmarks them against the organizations’ own industry. Zendeux examines six major domains related to data: Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data Integration, Data Quality, Metadata Management, and Data Risk Management; and provides a full report on how data assets are being managed.

The audit is carried out in partnership with your business and IT stakeholders and those who work with the data to get a comprehensive perspective within the organization.   Our experts distill the resulting data into a practical and actionable guide – the IDMA Playbook – which Zendeux facilitates in a 10 day turn around for timely and affordable insight into:

  • Business issues caused by data issues
  • Measuring the ROI of data effort
  • Silo business and IT efforts in data front (what does this mean?)
  • Data infrastructure risks
  • IT planning focus for data related initiatives

The IDMA is the easiest and fastest way to receive a thorough understanding of your data. From Zendeux – trusted data, trusted decisions.

IDMA Specifications


A comprehensive assessment of data management capabilities in six domains.

  • Six domains are: Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data Integration, Data Quality, Metadata Management, and Data Risk Management
  • Each domain address five areas within the domain
  • The complete assessment covers 30 areas using over 200 diagnostics points


The IDMA from Zendeux provides transparency into the state of data management maturity in an organization and helps meet these goals:

  • End to end visibility of data management capabilities
  • Detailed action plan to address data management vulnerabilities
  • Prioritized roadmap focused on business intent
  • Benchmarked data management practices with industry best practices


IDMA Playbook (note: I don’t think you can TM playbook) provides a detailed analysis of discovery of vulnerabilities in each data management domain and a recommended action plan for addressing prioritized issues.

Upon completing the collection of assessment data, the complete IDMA Playbook will be delivered in 10 business days or less.

Next Steps:

  • Download the Zendeux IDMA Data Sheet (includes outline of IDMA Playbook)
  • Review the Zendeux Data Management Framework
  • Contact Zendeux for more information