High Tech

In the past technical innovation was about creating efficiency and automation. Now the ticket is integration. Data of who, what, where, why, and how isn’t meaningful until a clear intent is applied and the right data is integrated.

Data Fuels the Business Model

Innovative products and services are fueled by data. With the increasing amounts, access, and velocity of data, the issue is choosing from all that can be done to identifying, distilling and integrating the data which propels the business model forward.

Zendeux specializes in building trust in your data integrations, starting with our Zendeux Industry Data Management Audit (IDMA) which benchmarks your data management with others in the industry, and examines your data in six domains, identifying the data sources, quality, governance, and lineage for a trusted integration.

Manage Data for Competitive Advantage

Technology implementations create competitive advantage by leveraging specifics from the tsunami of data available. This data helps to identify new markets, product cycles, market trends, new products, and new technologies.

The Zendeux Data Management Framework is the ideal tool set to implement data-driven business techniques for optimal market reactivity and customer response.