Manufacturing relies on the right raw materials availability, forecasts, efficient operations, and integrated data from the distribution chain to make trusted decisions that affect productivity, quality and the optimization of resources.

Trusted Supply Chain Data

Trusted decisions about when and where to build are made based on supply chain history, forecasts, and operational data. Efficiencies are realized when all data systems are integrated and presented consistently and timely.

Zendeux specializes in Data Management solutions including Data Quality Management for making trusted decisions about the supply chain and ability to produce to need.

Timely, Trusted Decisions that Improve Quality

Access to data on manufacturing quality inputs and outputs improves product quality and impacts the bottom line.  Advanced analytics facilitate decisions about product quality for all stakeholders.

The Zendeux Data Management Framework is the ideal set of tools that ensure your systems are providing trusted data in all areas of Manufacturing for the greatest impact to quality and productivity.