Oil, Gas and Mining

Set prices drive the oil, gas, and mining markets.  To maintain competitive advantage, organizations in these industries must make decisions to optimize efficiencies.

Accurately Track Return on Assets

Knowing exactly where, when, and how your assets are performing gives you the edge in optimizing your return.  Retrieving, integrating, and reporting on advanced analytics provides key asset data to make trusted decisions that affect the bottom line.

Zendeux specializes in Data Management solutions including Data Quality Management for making trusted decisions about the use, performance, and maintenance of your assets.

Streamline Logistics with Trusted Data

Supplies and delivery logistics can make or break costs and productivity.  With timely, accurate, integrated data about your supply chain and distribution, costs and productivity are easily managed.

The Zendeux Data Management Framework is the ideal set of tools that ensure your systems are providing the right data for trusted decisions of efficiency and productivity for the greatest competitive advantage.