Innovation and accuracy are key to serving the health of others, while remaining within the boundaries of regulation and safety. For pharmaceuticals, every exchange of value in the marketplace is collected through layers of health professionals, health organizations, insurance, and prescription and non-prescription dispensing. For quality decisions that impact lives, data quality is critical and data governance is essential.

Delivering Prescriptions to the Right Patient Populations

From protecting private data to the writing of prescriptions, compliant data is integrated and analyzed to understand in depth how to get the right solutions to the right patient populations.

Zendeux specializes in Data Management solutions including Data Quality Management for making trusted decisions about delivery.

Trusted Formulary Data for Trusted Decisions

As changes are made to healthcare systems, it is essential to deliver the right costs, drug composition, prescription mechanisms, and administration that meets the needs of patients, healthcare providers and administrative systems.

The Zendeux Data Management Framework is the ideal set of tools that ensure your systems are providing the right data and staying ahead of your market for the greatest competitive advantage.