Supply Chain

As Supply Chain industry is becoming more essential to the bottom line, the data required to manage purchasing, vendor, logistics, and inventory systems must be trusted and available for timely decisions.

The Data Advantage of Supply Chain Visibility

Today’s sophisticated data integration with purchasing systems, logistics systems, inventory systems and other supply chain systems is creating an environment where more resources and attention is applied to the management of them. The key to the highest visibility in Supply Chain is the ability to access trusted data.

Zendeux specializes in Data Management solutions including  Data Quality Management for making trusted decisions about the purchase, transport, and inventory of the supply chain.

Trusted Data to Maintain Best Practices

Supply Chain’s stature in improving the bottom line means it’s critical to maintain best practices in quality, timeliness, sustainability, and in reducing inventory losses.¬†¬†

The Zendeux Data Management Framework is the ideal set of tools that ensure your systems are providing trusted data to maintain best practices in all areas of the Supply Chain for the greatest impact to growth.