Zendeux Data Science Academy

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to avoid the presence of data in business and even day to day life.  Data is becoming a core component of every business operation, impacting not only strategic decisions but also real-time operational decision making.  We live in a convergence in all data related topics into almost all job roles.  This has created a significant demand for people who are skilled in data management skills.

This growing demand for data related skills, has created a huge market for business and IT professionals who can not only speak the data language, but can also use the knowledge and tools of this trade.

Zendeux has fully invested in data management education and training from its inception in 2010.  We have trained over 700 professionals in 9 countries worldwide in MDM, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Project Management, and other important data skills.

Zendeux has designed a full data management training curriculum at different expertise levels that can train professionals from an entry level all the way to executives.  It is designed so that new or existing data professionals can extend their skill-set to any degree of interest.

Our training courses are designed to quickly enable professionals to leverage their new acquired skills in their day to day job and advance their career to the next level.  Zendeux has scheduled training courses throughout the county and online that can fit your need and career goals.

We also offer in-house training for companies that wish to train their employees in data management best practices to improve data governance and quality culture in their organizations.  Such training has been proven to improve the employee behavior and culture so dramatically that data quality improvements have been seen almost instantly.

To learn more about Zendeux Data Science Certification program, please contact us at info@zendeux.com or call us at 1-800-215-4671.

Below is the current training curriculum for 2013-2014.

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