Training Reviews

“Great training…”
– D. Belinsky, Director

“This class was very informative, pace of the course allows for interaction and absorbtion of information.”
               – K. Beghtel, Seasoned PM

“I really enjoyed the class and how knowledgeable the instructor is on the subject matter.”
              – K. Cook, PMP

“I expected to understand very little, but got so much out of it. I really enjoyed the interactive nature of th class. The teacher was great and answered all our questions.”
– C. Choksy, PMP

“I find the course so valuable as a project management professional…the information and data governance framework is an area, which the systems integrators quite often overlook. The framework that needs to exist in order to have efficient operations after (the systems integrators leave), is brought out in the course contents.”                     – Mitsukuni Shinohara, PMP

 “Frankly, across the many different organizations within which I’ve worked this knowledge is one of the most useful arrows in my quiver for bringing about change and productivity improvements. A focus on data bridges a lot of gaps and gets everyone on the same page – Business, Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Product, Sales, Marketing, HR, Logistics – everyone deals with data.”
      – Rick Towner, Sr. Ops Leader