Why Should Project Managers Know Data Management?

It is not surprising that most data management professionals at some point in time in their career have either played the role of an IT project manager or have worked as one in an official capacity.

In IT most technical changes including data related changes are implemented through a project in one form or another.  Now if we accept the notation that change is a constant reality in today’s businesses, then that means most technical changes in an organization may be implemented through a project.

Most if not all IT projects have some data impact or are impacted by data.  That is, whether they are rolling out a new software solution, hardware solution, reporting, integration, migration, and others, there are elements of data tasks involved.  These projects often require a delicate balance between complex tasks in data management domain.  For example, a software implementation project would need data architecture, migration, integration, quality, and governance.  This translate to many tasks and many resources as well as dependencies.

A project manager must manage all these tasks and understand their impact on resourcing, budget, timeline, solution, and much more!  Most IT projects can easily fail to meet these demands when one of these moving parts is out of order.

Project managers who understand these data management principles can clearly understand what is required in each phase and what to look out for.  They can manage expectation and impact with project sponsors and stakeholders to ensure a successful and smooth project delivery.

It is because of this that we recently developed a very specific data management training for IT project managers to train them in the fundamentals of data management as well as specific types of projects that they will be dealing with.  They can now use the same tools and techniques we use in data management to ensure a successful delivery of data solutions in their IT projects.

Last week we delivered the first of these training sessions in Indianapolis and it was attended by a number of seasoned project managers who found it to be extremely valuable (according to their survey and interactive feedback).  We are offering another one in Newport Beach, CA in September.  The goal is to have at least one per month in different cities.

If you are interested in learning more about these classes, you can go to our training page.


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Majd Izadian

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