Solutions Partners

If you are a solutions provider company in the data management industry, you may have had difficulty matching products and services to opportunities in new accounts, or finding enough resources to fully serve a project or new customer.

You are invited to apply to be a member of the Zendeux alliance. Members are interested in expanding their business opportunities and support networks through a referral hub, providing the resources needed to complete projects. Most alliance members would be interested in receiving referrals from other members for new business opportunities. Alliance members also gain access to incremental business opportunities by leveraging the strengths of other alliance partners to offer additional products and services they would not be able to offer by themselves. The alliance also enables members to develop ongoing relationships with suppliers so that they can quickly and confidently respond to customer needs. 

TheĀ  Zendeux alliance provides a central referral hub of relevant expertise through other individuals and solutions partners.

  • Members give and receive referrals
  • Alliance solutions partners provide a unique set of products and services that can be leveraged by other alliance members

Zendeux is an innovator in the Data Management space providing new methods and solutions to managing big data. With deep domain expertise and an ever expanding business network, Zendeux is well positioned to help other alliance members to expand their business opportunities.